NWECS Late-Life & Decommissioning Projects Data

Research and Data Collation

The NWECS Late-Life & Decommissioning Projects Data is built on fundamental ongoing research of key offshore field data. The field data on over 800 fields has been collated from a wide range of data sources including operators own records, regulator files, news sources and other official data sources. Gathering a complete data set of every NWECS offshore field is a lengthy and time-consuming process requiring considerable data checking before a decommissioning assessment is carried out.

Production, late-life and decommissioning data and information for offshore fields is often poorly reported and mis-reported. Even viewing multiple data points from a single Governmental regulator can highlight a considerable number of data inconsistencies and inaccuracies which requires data checking with cross-referencing, identification and correction of likely anomalies. This data collation focuses on the verification of standard key data points (field type, production volumes, development type, key dates etc.) and the cross-checking of related infrastructure, activity and techno-economic influences. Without the investment of the necessary time and effort in fundamental research and data collation, the subsequent decommissioning data assessment process would be notably weaker.


OFS Reality© Model Assessment - Decommissioning

The OFS Reality© Model Assessment is a techno-economic assessment process overlaid on the fundamental research. For the decommissioning market this assessment process focuses on key references; firstly, the likely date of the start of significant offshore decommissioning activity but more importantly, the decommissioning status of the field. 

When considering decommissioning activity, a narrow focus on certain dates such as ‘cessation of production’ can imply a false degree of certainty on a single data point and would equate to an expected time-line of offshore activity that doesn’t materialise as expected. Noting the continued ‘bow-wave’ of activity that many decommissioning reports often show, the OFS Reality© Model Assessment puts greater influence on identifying the ‘decommissioning status’ of a field as an indicator of timing and likely offshore activities.

Decommissioning Status

Future Decommissioning – Field that has been identified or assessed as having a remaining life span ~≥ 10 years, that will likely receive investment prior to offshore decommissioning activity.

Future Decommissioning – partial decom -  as for Future Decom, however, a limited number of substantive offshore activities have taken place or are due to take place a number of years before complete full field decommissioning (e.g. Multi-platform field that has one, or a number of, platforms removed).

Late Life – Field that is identified or assessed as in production decline and/or unlikely to receive further substantive development.

Late Life – partial decom – as for Late Life, however, a limited number of substantive offshore activities have taken place or are due to take place a number of years, before complete full field decommissioning.

Planned Decommissioning – Identified decommissioning planning or supporting preparation activity with a clear decommissioning trajectory, including but not limited to; published plans/notices, statements of intent, required pre-activities, including: surveys, environmental impact statements etc. Excludes substantive offshore activities.

Ongoing Decommissioning – The start of identified substantive offshore decommissioning activity, including; well P&A, pipeline flushing & cleaning etc. May start prior to CoP.

Decommissioned – Completion of offshore decommissioning activities and/or abandonment of offshore field.

Key Data Points

Field name, Operator, Location (country, sea, area, licence block), Production type, Production status, Infrastructure type, Water depth, Platform weights (topsides, substructure).

Unique decommissioning status (future decom, late life, planned decom, ongoing decom, decommissioned) and start year of offshore decommissioning activity.



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